4 August, 2016

SS2 Assignments

 Agricultural Science

Write on any of the two below:
1.) An independent study on the anatomy and physiology of farm animals, taking major notes on:
a.) The major parts or divisions of farm animals.
b.) The digestive system.
c.) The circulatory system.
d.) The respiratory system.
e.) The nervous system.
f.)  The reproductive system.
g.) Organs of farm animals.

2.) Independent study on plant nutrient and nutrient cycles. Place emphasis on the following.

a.) Macro-nutrients and Micro nutrient.
b.) Functions and Deficiency of plant nutrient.
c.) Factors influencing nutrients availability in the soil.
d.) Method of replenishing lost nutrients.
e.) Ways in which soil nutrients can be lost.
f.) Nutrient cycles.


1.) Write a  geographical account of ECOWAS under the following heading:

a) aims and objectives
b) membership
c) benefits
d) problems
e) solutions

2.) Explain denudation and explain the stages of denudation.


1.) Read the following Bible passages and answer these questions Gen 1 and 2; Amos9; Isaiah 54; Isaiah 45; Gen 9: 1-6; ps 127:1-3; Jer 29:11; Rom 8:28

a.) Give the first and second creation account accordingly and write out 2 significance for each account. 

b.) Using Jeremiah 18:1-6, write a note not more than 8 lines ‘God controls the affairs of Nations.

ii.) Discuss whether or not man has been a faithful steward of God’s creation.

2.) Write out and memorize the ‘Apostles creed’.


  1. • Describe the setting and organization of the Sokoto caliphate.
  2. • Evaluate the effects of the suppression of the slave trade.
  3. • Explain the problems encounter by the early Christian missionaries.
  4. • Comment the Program of Women Empowerment under Ibrahim Babangida regime.


  1. With a well labeled diagram, explain the treatment of water for town supply.
  2. Explain the formation of the periodic table.
  3. What is rate of reaction?
  4. Explain the factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction.
  5. With a well labeled diagram, explain the laboratory preparation of hydrogen.
  6. Define a flame.
  7. Draw and label the following.
    a.) Hydrogen flame
    b.) Bunsen flame
    c.) Candle flame
  1. What are endothermic and exothermic reactions?
  2. Lists 6 evidences to show that air is a mixture.
  3. Explain the term stoichiometry of reaction.


  1. What do you understand by the term business law?
  2. State 5 rights of the consumer.
  3. Define sale of goods.
  4. Who is an agent?
  5. Discuss the law of agency.

English Language

  1. In details, explain the four types of essays.
  2. Write a descriptive essay on the topic; MY SCHOOL.
  3. Expatiate vowel and consonant sounds.
  4. Write out the phonetic symbols for voiced and voiceless consonants.
  5. Distinguish between regular and irregular verbs, finite and non-finite verbs and transitive and intransitive verbs.
  6. Define conjunction and state its types.

Financial Accounting

• Odum Ltd keeps his books on single entry basis and the following information relates to his business for the year 2014.

1st January 31st December
Assets and Liabilities: 2014 2014
Investment 1,000
Bills payable 300
Creditors 1,750 1,900
Debtors 2,100 3,400
Cash 150 200
Stock 1,000 1,250
Motor car 2,000 2,000
Loan from Nyadu 500

In addition, Odum withdrew an amount of GHC 500 and introduced GHC 200 additional capital.

a.) You are required to ascertain:
i.) Opening capital.
ii.) Closing capital.
iii.) Net profit.

2.)•(a) What is manufacturing account?

(b) Explain the following terms:
i.) Prime cost.
ii.) Factory overheads.
iii.) Work-in-progress.
iv.) Cost of goods transferred.
v.) Finished goods.
vi.) Profit on manufacturing.

Book Keeping

  1. The following balances were extracted from the books of Bonjun, a retailer as at 31st March, 2014.
# #
Capital 100,000
Drawings 50,000
Cash at hand 18,500
Cash at hand 1,000
Debtors 70,000
Creditors 4,000
Insurance 2,500
Purchase 535,000
Sales 700,000
Stock: 1st April, 2013 50,000
Electricity 2,000
General expenses 13,000
Equipment at cost 15,000
Provision for depreciation of
equipment-1st April, 2013 3,000
Wages 30,000
Rent 20,000
807,000 807,000

Additional information:
i.) Stock on 31st March, 2014 was valued at #60,000.
ii.) At 31st March, #1,500 was outstanding on insurance.
iii.) Electricity was prepaid by #500 and there was a doubtful debt of #1,000.
iv.) Depreciation is to be provided on equipment at 10% on cost

You are required to prepare:
i.) Trading, profit and loss Account for the year ended 31st March, 2014.

(a) What is depreciation of an Asset?
(b) List the causes of depreciation?
(c) Explain the following methods of depreciation:
i.) Straight line.
ii.) Reducing balance.
iii.) Revaluation.