4 August, 2016

JSS 3 Assignments

Agricultural Science

An independent study on farm animal parasites and diseases causing organisms

a. Definition of farm animal parasite

b. Classification of farm animal 

c. Effects of parasites on farm animals

d. Method of control of farm animals

e. Types of disease organisms

f. Disease development and transmission

g. Important diseases of selected crops

Social Studies

  1. What is social stratification?
  2. Discuss the classes of people in the society.
  3. Define political institution.
  4. Explain the following political institutions:
    i.) Government
    ii.) Democracy
    iii.) Election


  1. Describe your French teacher in 5 simple sentences in French.
  2. Answer the following questions in simple French. Comment tu t’appelle
    i.) Tu es etudiant
    ii.) Tu es de quelle classe
    iii.) Tu parle Francais
    iv.) Comment S’appele ton proffeir de francais
  1. Ecrivez dix pointe en presentation de quell quin en francais
  2. Write a composition in French about mon paye (my country)
  3. Make sentences with each of the following words in French.
    i.) Mon ami
    ii.) Mon ecole
    iii.) Mon repas favori
    iv.) Mon pere
    v.) Ma mere

Integrated Science

  1. • Define the following, giving 5 examples:
    i.) Elements.
    ii.) Compounds.
    iii.) Mixtures
  2. What is an acid?
  3. • Mention 5 examples of an acid.
  4. What is a base?
  5. Mention 5 examples of a base.


  • 1. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her how you spent your long vacation outside your state of residence.

      a. The person you travelled with and when
      b. things you saw on your way to the place
      c. The person you stayed with and things that happened while you were there.
      d. Those people are they friendly or hostile to visitors?
      e. Friends you made
      f. Whether you would like to go there again or not
      g. Any other experience(s), etc.
    1. REGISTER Choose the word that best complete the gaps numbered 1-10 below from the alternatives lettered A-E
    2. Mrs Ama has two children. She 1 her baby to the hospital for 2 because the baby was coughing a great deal. She also took along her three year old son who had 3 his finger with 4 and then 5 it to the boy’s delight. The baby was weighed on the 6 and then his lungs were checked to try and discover the reason for his coughing. The nurse reassured Mrs Ama by saying that the baby was healthy but the nurse gave her some 7 pills for the baby to help grow strong.

      The baby did not cry at all in the hospital and the nurse remarked, what a good 8 she was. the nurse asked if she had already been 9 against small pox and the mother said that all her children had been.

      She was relieved to know that the baby’s coughing was nothing to worry about. The nurse told her she was quite right to bring along the baby if she was worried because coughing can be 10 of serious disease.

      Nos A B C D E
      1 take collected picked taken took
      2 check-up countdown check-point observation bandage
      3 pinched cat cuts cutted cut
      4 soap detergent sterilizer disinfectant powder
      5 covered wrapped plastering folded plastered
      6 scale basin thermometer measures weights
      7 sedatives vitamins tranquilizer nutria-C aspirin
      8 patient case sufferer patience examiner
      9 bandaged vaccinated injected inculcated controlled
      10 sensation suggestion demand signal symptom