4 August, 2016

JSS 2 Assignments

Agricultural Science

An independent study on the composition and properties of soil

a. Definition and description of soil

b. Importance of soil

c. Formation of soil

d. Composition of soil

e. Major types of soil

f. Characteristics of soil


  1. List ten ER verbes in French e.g. “Regarder”
    a.) Quelle heure est-il?
    b.) Ecoutez et repetez
    c.) Ouvre a la page dix
    d.) Le professer est gentil
    e.) Ll ya sept jours dane une semoine
  3. Write a composition about “moi-meme” (myself) in French.
  4. Conjugate le verbe “avoir” in the present indicate it in French.
  5. Write ten points en presentation de quelqu’unen franceuis e.g. nom, prenom.

Civic Education

  1. Explain the meaning of value.
  2. Identify societal factors that promote good values.
  3. Describe the level of manifestations of values.

Social Studies

  1. Explain the meaning of social group.
  2. Explain the types of social group and their examples.
  3. Differentiate between the primary social group and the secondary social group.


  1. Discuss the history of basketball. 
  2. Draw a basketball court.
  3. Discuss the nature of basketball.


1) Read the following Bible passages and answer these questions Isaiah 9:6-7; matt 1:22-23; Luke 1:30-33; matt 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-7; matt 2;1-12

In not more than five lines summarize

a.) The birth of Jesus

b.) Discuss the attitude of politicians towards their political rivals during the election campaigns in Nigeria.

2a.) Discuss ‘Christian Baptism’ as performed by various Christian denomination.

i.) Catholic.

ii.) Anglican.

iii.) Pentecostal.

iv.) Cherubim.

2b.) Go to your local church and observe from the beginning to the end baptism ceremony performed there, noting;

i.) The age of the recipients.

ii.) The form either complete immersion or pouring of water.

iii.) Words used.

iv.) The officiating person.

Integrated Science

  1. Draw and label 2 unicellular organisms, indicating their organelles for movement.
  2. State the use of the following instruments:
    i.) Barometer
    ii.) Hydrometer
    iii.) Thermometer
    iv.) Wind-vane
    v.) Rain-guage
  3. What is a food chain
  4. Establish a food chain showing the following organisms; Lion, Rabbit, Man, Grass.